Teleported to Roskilde

I missed my bus this morning. Twice. In a row. I took another bus which is not as convenient for me and finally made it to the Roskilde university. I need a bike, start to act like a Dane and bike to work.
This episode captures something elemental about moving to another country for a time period longer than a vacation but shorter than “for now”. The fact that we put our life on hold in Helsinki for six months and moved over here in the meanwhile makes me feel like I have been teleported.
The smallest things are new, like shopping for basic groceries or finding the nearest playground for our toddler. It takes a lot energy although we get to see fun things too we wouldn’t see in Helsinki. Yet, soon we too will to be carried away by our routines and stop seeing. So now when I notice people going on with their everyday tasks I feel like stopping them and telling all the great (and not so great) things I have observed in the environment and lifestyles. But I guess I’d have been annoyed if someone did that to me in Helsinki.
Yet, feeling like a character out of Start Trek is a unique situation and I should cherish it as long as I can. Soon I’m routinised too. With a bike there will be no more random morning buses.

Our Great Move to Roskilde

Everything has a reason, even running late from a morning bus. Now I can wear my slippers and write a long due blog post concerning our move to Roskilde, Denmark, for six months. Actually, there’s only 5 ½ months left.

Instead of words, here’s some photos of our journey and first days in Roskilde. We took the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm and drove through Jönköping to Roskilde. In order to get to Denmark, we crossed the Øresundsbron, a bridge betweeb Malmö and Copenhagen.

In Roskilde we first stayed in a hostel before we got our rental place in Roskilde. It is part of a house built in 1920’s and has a lovely garden.