Hard to be light

One of my favorite words in Finish is “ilo” which means “joy”. I love the sound, idea and meaning of it. But it is not easy to be joyful. I think it is not a coincidence that the International Labour Organization is abbreviated as ILO.

Gretchen Rubin, who writes about happiness, has concluded that it is hard to be light. By this she means that it requires work to be happy although it looks easy. But it’s not. It’s not easy to see the positive side of unpleasant things whereas it is much easier to sulk.

I knew once a person who was able to see the positive side of things. Even when that person was dying, I would hear stories about the lovely soft kitten they had or their smart son. This person had all the reason to sulk and feel miserable being in pain and emotional distress – but decided otherwise. Only years after I realise that lightness was harder to obtain than it seemed to others.

I’m terrible at being light. Becoming a parent has forced me into trying to be light. But at times, I’m sulking when I could decide otherwise. However, it seems being light gets easier when I try harder. It’s hard to be light, right?

Cats and cars

My personal human experiment has partly failed. My spouse got a car. I had this eco-romantic view of us leading an environmentally friendlier (urban) life without a car, relying on public transport, carpooling, and rental cars. I know it is possible but apparently not in our family. I am still going to ride the bus. However, when I asked I was told that I would be allowed in the car too. Sarcastic great.

We might give a new home for a cat or two. Or three. Actually, there are four of them needing a new place to stay. How can I say no when we can give a home to a car? Cats are great! No sarcasm. I would be the one taking care of the cat since it would be my pet. Well, most probably two cats. A cat needs company, right?

By the way, I happen to know that cats and cars are not necessarily a very good match. My dear deceased cat detested car rides. Apparently he felt unsure of himself, as his territory was long gone. He used to inform us about his disgust by meowing loudly and vomiting. These unforgettable days might be ahead of me again if the cat is allowed in the car too. Or most probably two cats.