Post-growth work

In January 2017 I started a 4-year postdoctoral research project titled

Social entrepreneurship for post-growth societies in the global North:An ethnographic participatory study of self-employment practices for ecologically and socially just world

The study is funded by Nessling Foundation and Kone Foundation.

My study contributes to the growing multidisciplinary research project challenging economic growth as an imperative. Such research is not only abstract and conceptual, but focuses on empirical examples beyond activities dominated by economic growth. Many political, practical, and ideological alternatives are ignored with the argument that they do not focus on economic growth. This study promotes space for open discussions about taken-for-granted assumptions on increasing well-being based solely on economic growth. Many contemporary movements, such as social entrepreneurship or post-growth/degrowth, may be downplayed as utopian while the practitioners and activists already (partially) lead their lives based on their own (differing) understandings. In the times of mounting ecological and social imbalances we cannot afford to push already practiced suggestions aside without allowing them to be explored.